I'm //vanessa.

about me.

​This website is where I play.

You can find my professional work and portfolio over at >> rhino& wrenn. ​

I have spent my career working with a variety of public and private organizations through a range of positions and industries. I have led projects, improved programs, enhanced organizations, and strengthened cultural dynamics all through an approach to work that is built on a foundation of participatory inquiry, community collaboration, and trust. 


I have an MBA from Simmons School of Management (MA), BA in Marketing from Fairfield University (CT), and worked as a social worker in Chicago. I live with my husband, child (they/them), two rescued cats and senior dog. In my (little) free time, you’ll find me running, reading graphic novels, or dreaming about where to scuba dive next (post-pandemic).

// public speaking:


>> complete list of public speaking can be found here.


I used to have MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ... but after years as a communications, specifically digital media, professional I made the decision to scale back my online footprint. Why? Mainly for my mental health, wellness, and safety.

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