I'm //vanessa.


Chief of Staff, Dr. Safiya Umoja Noble

Executive Director, UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry

//vanessa is Chief of Staff to author, scholar, and non profit founder Dr. Safiya Noble. She is also Executive Director of the UCLA Center for Critical internet Inquiry a critical internet studies community committed racial, social, and economic via a mix of research, culture, and policy. vanessa started her career as a social worker in Chicago before transitioning to work centered in purpose, community, and care in relation to intersectional feminism, harm reduction, and technology and society. She received her MBA from Simmons School of Management at Simmons University in Boston with a focus on organizational behavior. She speaks, and facilitates conversations, on a variety of topics that include community-centered approaches to data and digital technology; activism, advocacy, and stewardship; and application of feminist approaches to public policy and international relations.

/select public speaking:

  • panelist, Technology as Political Resistance

    • Technologies of Resistance: Towards Feminist Futures​ (Aug 2020)

  • guest lecturer, Taking it to the Tweets

    • Gender/Cultural Studies 403, Simmons University (Oct 2019)

  • co-chair, Whose Agenda: Action, Research, & Politics

    • 17th annual CIRN Conference, Monash Prato Centre (Nov 2019)

  • moderator, Women in Technology and Gender Data Gaps

    • Women in Power Conference, Harvard Kennedy School (Apr 2019)


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